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Julia Barnes 

Yoga Teacher

I have been practicing Vinyasa and Yin Yoga since 2015.


My deep and profoundly life changing journey with yoga began in 2018 when I travelled through India for two and half months with my husband and two young children. Out of a desire to deepen my own yoga practice, my understanding and learnings of yoga asanas, principles, yogic philosophy and wisdom, and through a series of synchronistic alignments, I returned home from India and started my 200 Yoga Teacher Training the weekend after arriving back home in NZ.


I spent four months training to teach Vinyasa Yoga. Four months of complete unravelling as my heart, body and mind were cracked open to the depth and magnitude of Yoga.


I began teaching Vinyasa Yoga in 2019 after nine months of integrating my teacher training experience. I teach very nourishing and embodied yoga flows.



Julia Barnes

Inviting students to connect deeply with themselves through breath and movement, empowering people to experience freedom in their practice by offering regressive and progressive options as to how they want to move and explore their bodies through their asana practice.


I create and hold a safe space for each person to be in their experience whether they are new to yoga or have been practicing for many years.


I encourage students to explore their felt experience - guiding awareness to be in their body, conscious of their breath, to notice and honour whatever may arise physically, emotionally, mentally and beyond.


My classes are always evolving, with themes and flows organically arising from my personal experience and exploration through practice, learning, inspiration and intuition.


My intention is to always teach with integrity from a place of embodied experience and deep love and reverence for each individual that comes onto their mat to practice.


I am currently doing my 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at RAW Yoga

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