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Kerstin Harder
Spinal Flow Practitioner

I studied the Spinal Flow technique in Australia with its creator Dr. Carli Axford. I was immediately drawn to it as my beliefs align with the Spinal Flow philosophy in that our body has an innate wisdom to heal itself and that everything is connected.


I am also passionate about MOVEMENT and my mission is to get people moving in a fun and safe way.
Private yoga classes - just you ( and maybe 1 or 2 friends of yours, if you like). Here at Integrated Insights or at your home - you choose.

International Institute for Complementary Therapists
International Association of Wellness Practitioners


Kerstin Harder

"Can really recommend this treatment. I had a stiff neck problem with knotted muscles which had been bothering me for ages. Even massage therapy and osteo didn't give long-lasting relief. But Spinal Flow gave instant results, and it's still good after nearly three weeks. The treatment is very gentle, so relaxing and you don't undress, just wear light clothes. Highly recommend it!"

Trish D

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