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Kirstie Baker-Slater 

Qualified Health & Nutrition Coach


Kirstie Baker-Slater

My passion is helping people overwhelmed by their health, who simply don’t know
what to do first.


As a Financial Controller in the corporate world, I was putting in ridiculously
long hours, caring for my sick son, and feeling constantly stressed. I was
overweight, eating junk, and waiting daily for wine o’clock. I was one blink
away from total burnout.


My son became gravely ill at three, and we nearly lost him. He recovered
slowly but was left with a neurologically damaging autoimmune condition
that presented both physically and behaviourally. This went undiagnosed for
four years, leaving us all confused, exhausted, and unsure where to turn. Finally
realising the impact that diet had on his behaviour, we went to work with a
Health and Nutrition Coach making radical changes to his diet and working
to restore his gut health. In spite of the incredible improvements we saw in him I still felt disconnected, overwhelmed, and just flat-out spent. I was overweight, unfit, constantly bloated, plagued by IBS, and lacked the energy even to “mum.” This is when I acknowledged that something needed to change, and began the slow, difficult, but enriching process of overhauling our lifestyle. I gave up my corporate job, moved closer to the sea, and began to make my health and wellness a conscious choice. I retrained as a Health and Nutrition Coach, learning how to eat well to live well, and how to guide and support others to begin to make their own lifelong change.


Today I am driven to help others break free from the diet cycle as I believe 100% restriction can only ever lead to 100% binge. If you feel hungry, deprived or restricted this will lead you back into the same old eating patterns and behaviours over and over again. By focusing on the QUALITY of calories (not the quantity!) we will find healthier ways to the food that you love, one gentle step at a time.

With my support and guidance you will feel encouraged to keep making these choices until they simply become your new habits, leading you to sustainable wellness (and natural weight loss) that truly lasts!

I understand how it feels to have no way of knowing how to even start to make the change, and I know that the choices you are currently making do not define who you are, or your own self worth. Everything in my programs I have done for myself, and I can’t wait to work with you to break you free from your overwhelm towards the happier, healthier you. Simply click to schedule your free initial call with me and let’s get the conversation started!

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Kind Words

"Without Kirstie I would of never started and still be stuck in a rut - she offered me a free call to talk about where I was at and what I wanted to achieve and I never looked back it was the best thing I could of done for myself. I have now finished the programme and have learnt some great tools especially around emotional eating and stress and mind set. I encourage you to invest in yourself and start your journey now!”

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