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Hypnotherapy to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Change is possible.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or generally just unable to relax, then this program is the one for you! It is specifically designed for clients who are suffering the negative effects that stress can cause both physically and mentally. With new knowledge, tools and techniques you will be able to take back control and enjoy a calmer and more relaxed life.

The Hypnosis Stress Management Program
4 weekly sessions
Support recording


Client Reviews




I initially started seeing Charlene for anxiety that has affected my daily life for 18 years. I have made amazing progress in overcoming this and am on my way to achieving my ultimate goal. We also did a session on motivation around exercise, as I would start something then give up in a few weeks. I'm now in my 10th week of exercising five times per week and not only am I still wanting to do it, I actually enjoy it! Charlene made me feel so comfortable and relaxed that I felt like I could open up and tell her anything. She listens without judgement and is fill of fantastic ideas to help with various troubles. The hypnosis itself was an amazing experience and I felt safe the whole time. I am so incredibility happy with the results I have seen, and tell everyone about Charlene and how much she has helped me. I honestly believe she has changed my life. - Stacey Austen



I have been taking my daughter to Integrated Insights for the past month and can honestly say that Charlene is a life saver. She relates well to teenagers, her skills and knowledge when it comes to anxiety and normal teenager problems is next level. Totally recommend her service and is well worth the money invested when you can get a great outcome, knowledge and tools to move on in life. Thanks Charlene you are amazing. - Yvonne


I can't recommend Integrated Insights enough. Charlene has assisted me in so many helpful ways through our time together. The environment she has created feels safe and homely making it so comfortable to become vulnerable and allows me to look forward to our sessions together. She has provided me with so many new perspectives and ways of navigating the experiences in this life. I thank her so deeply for all she has done for me. - Skye Coghlan

Free Relaxation Exercise

If you practice this relaxation exercise everyday for 4 weeks it will retrain your brain to

recognise stress within your body and activate the relaxation response (relaxation chemicals)


Download your free relaxation exercise, here.

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