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Change is possible.

Hypnotherapy is guided hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state of mind where you are awake, aware of your surroundings and in control, but feeling a dream-like relaxation, similar to the dreamy state of mind that exists just before falling asleep. Clinical hypnosis deliberately induces this kind of focused state of awareness so the conscious mind can be bypassed, and positive

suggestions can be made directly to the subconscious mind. This is where we work towards your goal to change a psychological characteristic or habit and help to change outdated and irrelevant thought processes and perceptions. Depending on the issue, some may be resolved quickly, others need a little more time and effort.

Research shows we operate from our subconscious minds 85%-95% of the time.

Hypnotherapy can help with many different issues and concerns, of which the most common are listed below. Please contact us if you have an issue that is not listed and we can discuss if hypnotherapy can assist you.

A minimum of 4 sessions is usually required, however all programs are customised to suit the individual client, contact us now to discuss your specific needs and we can recommend the correct program for you!

Online Sessions available

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Unhelpful Habits


Self - Confidence


Relationship Issues

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Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program
Using a powerful non-surgical technique we will retrain the way you think and feel about food, so that you become satisfied while eating smaller amounts and creating a healthier slimmer you. This program provides a long term solution for weight loss, and is not a "diet" nor does it focus on restriction or deprivation; it is a sustainable healthy eating approach, giving you back control and allowing you to lose excess weight easily, safely and naturally without dieting.
The Virtual Gastric Band program is the only clinically trialled hypnosis weight loss program and is hugely popular due to it's success rates around the world. 

This program is for you if you are ready to make a permanent change, using the power of hypnosis to get rid of those unhelpful beliefs around food, release negative emotions and become that healthy, slimmer you.

The Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band Program
4 sessions
Support recording

The Hypnosis Stress Management Program
4 weekly sessions
Support recording


Stress Management Program

Stressed Woman

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or generally just unable to relax, then this program is the one for you! It is specifically designed for clients who are suffering the negative effects that stress can cause both physically and mentally. With new knowledge, tools and techniques you will be able to take back control and enjoy a calmer and more relaxed life.

Sleep Hypnosis Program

A roadmap for breaking the
cycle of poor sleep
4 weekly sessions
Support recording


While its normal to go through bouts of disturbed sleep, if you are routinely waking up groggy over several years your health may be at risk. Insufficient sleep can result in an impact on the immune function and cardiovascular risk. There is also a link between weight gain and reduced sleep. Not only does sleep deprivation, lead to poor health, but it also affects your your concentration, problem solving skills, memory, and mood. Problems with memory, decreased social interaction and difficulty concentrating can all be linked to lack of sleep, not to mention just feeling tired in the mornings.

Spilling Sand

Discovery Program

If you feel like you have lost your way and you are not living the life you dreamed of, or maybe you are not even sure what it is you want, then this program is the one for you! It is specifically designed for clients who are struggling to find balance, freedom and happiness.

The Hypnosis Discovery Program
6 weekly sessions
Support recording


Schedule a free 15 minute chat and see if it's right for you!
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