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Working with Charlene at Integrated Insights has significantly changed my life. Its actually quite hard to put into words, but I have more clarity, confidence and contentment. I really liked her tailored and unique approach to get fast results.

Regan Green


Charlene has been a revelation for our family. The work she has done has helped our son immensely and given him a new outlook on life. She has been instrumental in the change and I would recommend her services to anyone who needs help.



I went to see Charlene for hypnotherapy to treat two different issues (although they were interrelated). I was intrigued, and somewhat hesitant about having hypnotherapy. But at our first appointment instantly felt comfortable with Charlene's gentle manner, and felt excited and hopeful that we would get a successful outcome! We started with a short hypnosis that same day and I could already feel the effects. I had a further three sessions, which strengthened the results. I have no regrets, and in fact, I feel it was some of the best money I've ever spent! I would highly recommend going to see Charlene for any of the issues she offers treatment for (and would encourage you to have a chat with her if you're not sure, I'm sure she could help with many different situations or issues).



I went to Charlene due to being recommended by a friend. I had no idea what to expect nor have any expectations other than being open hearted toward this new experience. I was in need of support during my healing journey that I had started months prior. My gosh what I got out of the sessions was more than I could have dreamed of. Not only am I healed from my (SA) trauma I am now living proof that healing does happen. I continue to live a fulfilling life and wake up daily excited for what lies a head. The belief, love and compassion I have for myself grows stronger. Charlene helped build the foundations I needed to move forward in this new transformation of personal growth. With my hand on my heart I cannot express with words, the gratitude I feel towards Charlene (only feelings) .Her natural gift is what is needed in this world. If you are reading this the chances are you are seeking like I had done so before. Take my heartfelt word for it and jump in with both feet. The rewards are life changing.

Thank you Charlene for being apart of my village

Carly Storey


I initially started seeing Charlene for anxiety that has affected my daily life for 18 years. I have made amazing progress in overcoming this and am on my way to achieving my ultimate goal. We also did a session on motivation around exercise, as I would start something then give up in a few weeks. I'm now in my 10th week of exercising five times per week and not only am I still wanting to do it, I actually enjoy it! Charlene made me feel so comfortable and relaxed that I felt like I could open up and tell her anything. She listens without judgement and is fill of fantastic ideas to help with various troubles. The hypnosis itself was an amazing experience and I felt safe the whole time. I am so incredibility happy with the results I have seen, and tell everyone about Charlene and how much she has helped me. I honestly believe she has changed my life.

Stacey Austen


Charlene is a very compassionate and professional person who cares greatly about her clients.


I initially saw her to help me lose weight on the Virtual Gastric Band program. My greatest achievements have been an increased desire to eat only three meals a day along with a significantly reduced desire to eat any sweet foods. Not only has this resulted in ongoing weight loss but also money saved in my weekly supermarket shop! 


Coupled with these gains was an unexpected but very welcome improvement in my epilepsy, a chronic condition I have had all my life. This is probably due to the reduced stress experienced as a consequence of the hypnotherapy. Due to this improvement I have felt more confident about increasing my walking. 


Despite having finished with the program I expect all the above benefits to continue as a result of a hypnotherapy support recording I listen to daily.


If you are possibly interested in what Charlene has to offer I would encourage you to make an appointment to talk over your thoughts with her.   


Thank you Charlene for all your help.



For the last 10 years or so I have struggled with quality of sleep, particularly in the early hours of the morning

where I really struggled to switch off my brain from a repetitive cycle of thoughts associated with work or family pressures. Three sessions with Charlene have made a world of difference, if I wake in the middle of the night I now have the tools to relax my mind and get back to sleep. The cool thing is, the more I practice the process the easier and more effective it becomes. If you struggle with quality of sleep I can't recommend Charlene enough. 

Dan O'Reilly


During our discussions Charlene gave me valuable insight into how to best support my daughter who had also being seeing Charlene after experiencing several years of chronic illness. She then led me easily into a relaxed, blissful place and I left recharged and confident about my daughters capability and recovery. We have seen such massive changes in our daughter who is now able to work, learn to drive and participate in all the "normal" life stuff. Charlene is caring, generous and skilled and I recommend her highly to anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing or coping with difficult life situations

Janice Greenidge


I have been taking my daughter to Integrated Insights for the past month and can honestly say that Charlene is a life saver. She relates well to teenagers, her skills and knowledge when it comes to anxiety and normal teenager problems is next level. Totally recommend her service and is well worth the money invested when you can get a great outcome, knowledge and tools to move on in life. Thanks Charlene you are amazing.



Charlene and her hypnotherapy sessions at Integrated Insights were recommended to me to help me with some drinking and weight issues.  After some initial scepticism, I booked my first session with Charlene in March this year.  After a very relaxed, engaging and thorough consultation, any scepticism I had evaporated within about 2 minutes of lying on the couch, as I almost immediately fell into a trance.  I felt the impact of the session almost immediately, and as the hypnotherapy was reinforced in fortnightly sessions over the following 3 months, I have a pretty strong feeling that a real corner has been turned and I’m optimistic that the changes will be for the long term.  My desire to over drink has simply waned without conscious thought, which, as Charlene kept politely reminding me, is the whole point!  And I’ve lost 6.5Kg!  Charlene was very gentle, considerate and listened attentively to all of my questions, with responses that always helped remove any doubt or uncertainty.  The sessions were very soothing and I always felt a sense of calm after coming out of trance.  Thank you so much Charlene.  I’ll keep you updated with my progress.



Just want to say a big shout out thank you to Charlene. I started on a journey to lose 10kg and have lost 8kgs with Charlene’s help.  Her support has been amazing. I actually miss our chats. Thanks again Charlene for all your help you do an amazing job. 



I can't recommend Charlene and Integrated Insights enough for the difference she made to me and many other people I know who have seen her. She provides a safe, warm and friendly environment and

takes time to listen to everything you want to work through. I went to her primarily for the virtual gastric band course she offers, which has worked amazingly well, but at the same time she helped with a scope of things, especially my stress management. I highly recommend Charlene for anything you need support through!

Emma Bevan


Charlene is a wonderful woman. She makes me cry because of how much she’s helped me. I love our sessions, I love seeing her. She makes me feel heard, calm and cared for. She gives me incredible advice that I’ve been able to implement into my life, it’s helped immensely. I could go on and on about how magic she is but I’ll leave it for the people reading this, looking to explore hypnotherapy with a lovely lady, to find out for themselves. Thank you Charlene!

Grace Walker


Thanks Charlene for helping me so quickly and easily with nail-biting! Definitely recommend this, it's so relaxing and you walk out without your habit!

Anne Mandeno


I can't recommend Integrated Insights enough. Charlene has assisted me in so many helpful ways through our time together. The environment she has created feels safe and homely making it so comfortable to become vulnerable and allows me to look forward to our sessions together. She has provided me with so many new perspectives and ways of navigating the experiences in this life. I thank her so deeply for all she
has done for me.


Skye Coghlan


I felt so relaxed after my session yesterday and have not felt that at peace in a long time, also my back was so relaxed too. I had a good relaxed evening and woke up and did a meditation which I have not felt like doing in a very long time, so hopefully a reset. Thank you for your time and expertise.

Doreen Reyland


My 8 year old daughter came to see Charlene after months of not sleeping and suffering with separation anxiety. Her goal was to go on school camp, Charlene worked with her helping her to regulate her feelings and emotions. Kenzie really enjoyed her sessions, each week, we noticed her becoming more confident. Eventually she was able to share what was causing her fears with me, she is now sleeping and is happily on day 3 of her school camp. Thanks Charlene


Lucy Griffiths


 I was recommended to visit Charlene to help with an extreme nail biting habit and some other bits and pieces. I have bitten my nails for 20 years and over a month later, I have completely stopped.
Charlene is so warm, easy to talk to, relatable, non judgemental and always so bright and positive.
Thank you from my heart for supporting me and guiding me through some intense challenges. I walk away feeling completely relaxed, light and positive. She is absolutely amazing!


K Garrick


Working with Charlene has been incredible. Right from the start I felt at ease and completely comfortable to talk about what had brought me to her. Charlene made me feel completely heard and wove each session with aspects that I had discussed with her. Not only did I feel improvements through out our sessions across 6 weeks, but now two weeks after the changes that I am experiencing are outstanding. Every small success is compounding and adding to the results. I cant believe something so simple has really helped so much and cant recommend Charlene enough for her kind help.

Sam McDonough


When I rung Charlene she sounded very friendly over the phone and she booked me in for Virtual Gastric Band procedure. I had been fasting a lot before this, so when Charlene advised me I had to eat 3 small meals a day I was quite shocked! But I’m really enjoying those 3 small meals now, and I have so much untold energy now it’s unbelievable!!!!  I really enjoyed being hypnotised and having a recording to listen to at home is brilliant. Charlene was very friendly and approachable especially on weekends also. I'm going to miss our appointments but now I believe I have the power to continue to get results and it’s going to happen.

Donna Wyatt


Thank you so much Charlene for your heart felt guidance and care. Your listening skills and professionalism gave me the courage to explore and identify positive change personally, within my extended family and in business. I'm back on track and excited for the future and all that it holds.

Helen MacLean

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