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What the kids had to say!

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Gratitude journaling is something I've been recommended by quite a few people now but I'd always underestimated it until the workshop. I found the handouts very helpful because it gave me a deeper sense of understanding. I feel like you explained everything in a way that just made sense and I got a lot from that. The hypnotherapy was something I hadn’t done before but I found it really good. Thankyou for the experience. ️

Sophie 15years

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 This workshop was so much fun and I enjoyed it so much. I was a bit nervous at the start, but when we got started it was great. My favourite part was decorating the gratitude journals. It was so good to have some relaxing time, off devices and being present in the moment. I would 100% do a crafty workshop together again. I am so excited to use my book and smell my candle and laugh at my green card.

Moana 13years

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I really enjoyed today and I thank you for the experience. I enjoyed the gratitude journals the most, creativity can be such an amazing escape sometimes and I found it helped me a lot today. The hand outs were great as I would have forgot everything you said if I didn't have them. The hypnotherapy was good as well, I found it harder to focus in a group than a one on one session. I was distracted by the surroundings but I still got something out of it. Thank you so much again for today.

Skye 15years 

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 I had wonderful feedback from my girls. They felt very comfortable in your environment.  They found it relaxing and enjoyable creating their journals.  The candles were a lovely idea too. Thank you so much, they would love to attend  another workshop when you next have one. 

Michelle Stevenson mother of
Sienna 13years & Briar-Rose 15years

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Thank for today. Sasha is quite pleased with her vision board and wants to attend the next workshop you run.

Nicki Hide mother of ️

Sasha 11years

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It sounds like Samuel had a fabulous time. He didn’t give me much detailed feedback – he mentioned the glue  , he enjoyed the hypnotherapy the most, and he has the scented candle by his bed. He certainly seems to be in a good place right now and I am sure the workshop helped with that.

Sian Stimson mother of
Samuel 10years 

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