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Natasha Roberts 

Yin Yoga Instructor, Relaxation Massage Therapist & Reiki Healer

My passion in life is to facilitate natural healing modalities. Through connection, I want to nurture and guide people to bring self care into their lives as a priority. My intention is to educate, increase awareness into the mind & body, and help everyone understand that we are our own biggest healers. 


I have been a Pilates Instructor for the last twenty years. After having debilitating back pain as a teenager, I was led into finding something to help restore my daily physical function. Learning about human anatomy inspired me and understanding what I needed to do helped to strengthen my body, which became the pivotal moment I discovered what I wanted to do with my life.  

In 2010 I trained to be a Relaxation Massage Therapist at Wellpark College in Auckland. This added a hands-on approach to manual therapy work for me, and allowed another tool that helped my clients and their many different ailments that were being presented. 

A couple of years later I became curious about energy healing.  It was clear this would bring a new dimension into the work I offered. 
I completed my 1st Degree Reiki Healing Certificate in 2012 & my 2nd Degree Reiki Healing in March 2021.


Over the last 18 months I have been on my own healing journey which led
me to bring yoga into my life.  The emotional & physical healing I have
experienced on the mat, has been quite amazing. 


Natasha Roberts

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Tash has incredible empathy. Her warmth, deep understanding and connection can be felt the moment you enter her space. I was new to Reiki healing the first time I saw Tash, but I reached out to her as I just knew I needed something different. I had been going through pretty severe physical and emotional trauma and had not been sure where to turn to for help. That first Reiki healing was an incredibly powerful experience, one which I actually find hard to put into words. I experienced profound shifts on so many levels and a massive release of pain and trauma. I think one of the most important elements of Tash’s practice is her natural ability to put you at complete ease. She listens carefully to you before each session to get a sense of your needs, which allows you to feel completely comfortable and safe in her care. She really is a healer in the true sense of the word. She has a beautiful energy, which is absolutely tangible during her sessions. I have been to Tash now several times for Reiki, and each experience has been completely different, but each one deeply powerful.
Tara Holland

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