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Lony Stewart  

Certified Women's Health Trainer

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Deep Tissue Massage

Meet Lony Stewart, a certified Women's Health Trainer specializing in rehabilitating pelvic floor muscles and relieving muscle pain through deep tissue massage. With expertise in addressing issues like urine incontinence, prolapse, and abdominal wall separation, Lony is dedicated to supporting and restoring pelvic floor muscles post-childbirth or trauma. Lony's unique approach includes the use of the EMS pelvic floor chair, employing electromagnetic pulsations with a remarkable 99% effectiveness in muscle strengthening. Additionally, she offers internal examinations, providing insights into pelvic floor conditions, coupled with personalized rehabilitation exercise plans. 


Not just limited to pelvic health, Lony excels in pain management, addressing concerns related to a weak core, low back pain, or pregnancy discomfort. 


Her integrated techniques, including muscle relaxation, deep tissue, and pressure point relief, make her services invaluable for those experiencing muscular pain. 


For optimal results, Lony recommends a series of treatments, starting with four sessions one week apart, followed by two sessions fortnightly to support the achieved equilibrium. 


Monthly "maintenance" treatments are advised thereafter. 


Book a complimentary 15-minute appointment to discuss your pelvic floor concerns and determine the best treatment plan. 

Service Rates: -

60 mins $120.00 Initial deep tissue

30 mins $  65.00 Follow-up sessions

60 mins $150.00 Pregnancy massage 

30 mins $  99.00 Pelvic floor internal examination

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Lony Stewart

Lony is amazing. She has really helped me with my lower back pain and tight glutes. My body always feel 💯 after my treatment with Lony.

Rosemary C  October 2023

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