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Liz Weatherly  

Registered Midwife | Registered Nurse | Clinical Reflexologist

RM, RGON, Dip Relfex

Hi I’m Liz, I am a Clinical Reflexologist and Midwife and I am privileged to part of the team at Integrated Insights.  I have been a health professional for over 35 years, always working with the belief that with the right support and empowerment, we are all able to navigate life’s inevitable physical, emotional and mental challenges with more ease.  I’ve learned the impact that compassionate, skilled and holistic support can have, and have been privileged to be part of the journey to wellness of innumerable amazing individuals.


I love the way that Reflexology allows me to directly support a client’s physical body. And I love that it also enables me to support and calm their nervous system.  As it assists the whole body to deeply relax it also triggers it’s inbuilt healing mechanisms and that’s when our mind and body can return to working (and sleeping, and moving, and thinking and functioning!) at their best.  


I have a particular interest in anxiety, depression and PTSD. This comes from my own journey as the parent of a chronically ill child and a child with life- threatening injuries after an accident. It also developed through seeing the toll that anxiety conditions have taken on many of my friends and clients. And as a Midwife and mother, I know many women find pregnancy challenging and stressful and that anxiety is often present.  So, as well as practicing general Reflexology, I specialise in Reflexology for anxiety and stress reduction (including anxiety related to Pregnancy and birth), depression and PTSD. My mission is to provide outstanding support and care to people through all life stages through the use of this powerful therapy.

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Liz Weatherly

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“I can’t recommend Liz highly enough. During my sessions I have experienced benefits to both my physical and mental wellbeing. I have noticed changes in my thoracic spine which has been stiff for over 20 years and significant improvement to hip, knee and ankle niggles. Best of all my depression and anxiety have lessened dramatically to a point where I’m actually experiencing feeling motivated and empowered – something I haven’t felt for a very long time. I intend to keep Reflexology as part of my self-care regime as it helps me to keep body and soul balanced.”   KH  Nov 2022

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