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Reiki Healing

Sea Shell

Reiki is a natural, vibrational energy healing, given to the fully clothed client, by placing hands lightly on different areas of the body. Reiki is intuitively guided and every person has a unique experience, most find it very relaxing and often fall asleep. Some people experience a sense of heat or cool from Natasha's hands as she works around the body. There can be visual colours or pictures seen, and at times there can be an emotional release, which is always very enlightening and deeply healing.





  60 minutes   - $100.00

  75 minutes   - $125.00

  90 minutes   - $145.00

120 minutes   - $160.00

The  benefits of Reiki Healing include:

- induced relaxation

- reduced stress & anxiety

- replenishes energy

- enhances wellbeing

You deserve it!

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