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Donna Griffiths
Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Hi I’m Donna, I focus on delivering wellness programs from bumps to bubs & beyond.  I specialising in childbirth preparation and I'm also qualified in fertility yoga, pregnancy yoga and postnatal mums & Bubs yoga too. I am a trained Hypnobirthing practitioner delivering courses for a confident calm birth experience. 

I've been practicing yoga & teaching for over 12 years, and specialise in working with women.  I'm really proud my training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.  I am also a mother to three children, I am here to use my quality, extensive training to educate women all over the world about birth. 

I help to educate women about the incredible process of birth with my free social media content & blogs, if you’re really serious, my courses offer an amazing resource to help you train for a positive calm birth experience. 

I’m on a mission to get women feeling excited and prepared, both physically and mentally, so that this huge life event is something you look forward to and feel ready for. Not only that, I’m also here to help you gently recover from birth, return to Yoga and support you through motherhood once your baby has arrived earth side.

​​Our studio focuses on building a community with soul, we laugh our way through classes and leave feeling better than we arrived.  Come join our classes & workshops today, it's where your journey to a positive birth experience starts and where life long friends are made!​

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Donna Griffiths


"One of our friends recommended we do Hypnobirthing.  We didn't know what to expect really, but we are so glade we found Donna.  Donna instantly made a connection with us, and really understood my fears.  I was surprised the course actually has a practical part to it, it's not all stay calm and have a hypnobirth, its so much more than what i thought.  You really learn the whole antenatal side of birth but actually how to process the stages and practical things to do for a more positive birth experience. My husband partially benefited form the how to guide of labour with lots of Tools & Techniques of what to do when. Honestly you wont regret booking!!”

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