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Kylie Brahne

Fully qualified Health & Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer

Taking care of health has been a huge part of my life since I was a wee girl  my mum had ME/Chronic Fatigue and I watched her spend weeks at a time in her bed, exhausted and hugely unfulfilled. She taught me about living a life as naturally as possible, how our daily medicine is in our food, how we live, laugh and love.

As a teen and in my early 20's I was an ever ready bunny - I trained hard in the gym boxing, running and weights most days, I played netball and touch (up to 9 games a week) and run half marathons.​ Fast forward a few years, I had my two girls. I learnt about motherhood, true love and also sleep deprivation!!!

I was determined to be a stay at home mum during the day and when my partner got home I would head off to work as a PT for the arvo/evening. I was pushing my limits. My mum could see I was over doing things and kept telling me to SLOW DOWN yet I couldn't find a spare minute in the day and thought she was crazy - slowing down simply wasn't an option (or so I thought!)


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Kylie Brahne

I started with anxiety. I wasn't worried or panicked about anything but my body was overwhelmed. Then, I was outside with my little ones during a tornado, I feared for our lives, smashed a glass door with my arm to get us to safety. I tried to get on with things and forget about the trauma and later developed PTSD. Next, my fiancé had an affair. In my usual Kylie fashion I just tried to ignore all the emotions boiling up inside, I exercised hard, got a new job and carried on! The universe then had other ideas! A month after I moved with my children to our new home, I had an incident while out surfing. I had a concussion and injured my neck. I couldn't exercise properly for six years. I had post concussion syndrome as well as chronic pain syndrome. I became intolerant to some foods, my hair was falling out, nails stopped growing, I had fatigue, I was irritable, I had brain fog, I was dizzy, exhausted, I saw specialist after specialist and NO ONE pieced everything together. No one looked at me as a whole but just in their specific areas treating the symptom not the cause. No one I came across knew how to help me get better.​ So off I went on a healing journey of my own. I researched and researched and tried so many weird and wonderful things. I found myself, my authentic self. I became someone I admired. I healed my leaky gut. My hair grew back. I found energy, health and happiness again. Part of my motivation was knowing that this was all part of my journey and some day I would use this knowledge to help others. 


I'm happy to say I now have my health back and have also qualified as a Prekure Health Coach to make sure I haven't missed anything :) I believe where there's a will there's a way. If you're struggling with a health issue or you are concerned about your future health, let's chat. I'd love to help you find health, energy, hope and happiness again.

From chronic pain, fatigue, emotionally low and sick to healthy, happy and energised.

I healed myself, became qualified and now I can help you too!

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