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Start the new year off by learning to manage high levels of stress and anxiety.⁠

This 3-week course includes:⁠ 

Week 1 - Understanding stress, introduction to hypnosis, receive a group hypnosis session, receive the support recording and printed materials.⁠

Week 2 - Tools and techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, receive a group hypnosis session, and receive additional printed materials.⁠

Week 3 - More tools and techniques to reduce stress, learn self hypnosis and receive a group hypnosis session.

What do our participants say about this course?⁠

100% report that it is somewhat effective, effective or very effective.⁠
100% report that it is helpful or very helpful.⁠
100% report that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the course.⁠

What can I expect from this course?⁠

My goal is to bring the benefits of Hypnosis to everyone. I’m offering Group Hypnosis as an affordable alternative to private Hypnosis sessions. These sessions are a great way to gain the benefits of Hypnosis in a friendly and supportive group setting.

When: Wednesday Evenings 7 pm - 8 pm

Dates: 13th March, 20th March, 27th March

Price: $199 per person

Location: 1/18 Arklow Lane, Stanmore Bay

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